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Wage equality reviews

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The principle of wage equality for men and women is laid down in Switzerland’s constitution and gender equality legislation. Above all, as part of public procurement procedures, companies are increasingly being asked to comply with the principle of wage equality, otherwise they are not taken into consideration for public procurement orders. Companies are able to check wage equality themselves via a freely accessible tool - the Logib tool. If required (e.g. for public procurement processes), the correct application of the wage equality tool has to be confirmed by an external auditing and review body. In this context, the auditing and review body usually also receives the order to examine the working conditions and compare these to regular standards within the area and industry.

Good to know

The Logib tool is based on the statistical method of regression analysis, among other principles. In order to generate meaningful analysis results, the minimum number of employees has to be 50. In other words, the tool’s usage is limited to larger companies.

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