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Special purpose audits

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In addition to the legally obligatory types of audit and the other reviews (e.g. according to Swiss GAAP FER or IFRS), there are various other situations which could also require an audit. Stakeholders may want assurance that:

  • Key figures reported as part of a credit agreement have been calculated in line with the agreement;
  • The sales reported to the landlord by a fashion boutique are correct (in the case of sales-based rent).

In cases like these, audits are limited to the respective objects and do not encompass the entire annual financial statements or wage accounting.

Good to know

The calculation of the figures to be audited or the calculated proof of wage equality between the genders, such as in the example above, is always the responsibility of the company. The auditor only checks the calculations undertaken by the client and mentions the actual findings in his or her report.

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